The Work of Jack Addis 

Great portfolio of glitch photography works with a designer’s eye. In his own words:

The work investigates the boundaries of the digital and physical. Exploring science, technology, history and humankinds own subjective beliefs. Drawing parallels between the grotesque and forced error, human identity and post human ideals, nature and functional biology. Meshing these ideas together creating new narratives of the future.

Always using technology to inform his painting it was during his degree he began to make use sole use of computers to create his work; which is now realized though screen like one off Perspex fronted prints, gif animation or instillation.

Much more to be found at his site here
Update: He also has a Tumblr blog here

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Abberations and glitch are common to our digital experience. There is almost an analog layer that manifests itself in the zeros and ones. Yet, we march on, convincing ourselves that computing is reliable, linear, predictable and without foibles. To be trusted with our finances, our homes, our children, and our very lives.

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