Local Play has a Similar Setting to this Excerpt from the Novel

"Edan": Hoadi
Locally produced “Uncanny Valley” which is running April 2-April 26 (tomorrow) at Boise Contemporary Theater written by Dwayne Blackaller & Matthew Cameron Clark is about robots and automata, and set in a cabin in the woods. In Esau Kessler’s novel one of the characters lives in a cabin in the woods with a robot programmed with an instance of her dead husband. In the play two brothers visit a cabin who’s caretaker is a robotic “Clicker”. Kessler says that despite the very adult theme of the play, he was very impressed with both the writing and the performances. “I like to think that the collective consciousness circles and reframes themes and ideas that are important, to help us reach new paradigms.” While Edan also has a subplot involving two brothers, and was written several years ago, the similarity is only subtle. “Mine has so much more going on with Sky Trains, Flying Cars, Quantum Devices, and Artificially Intelligent Demons, things that make sense in a novel, but not on stage. I think the writing of the play is superior to mine, in that it pushes you around emotionally, and challenges your ideals very quickly. My only complaint is that the production isn’t running longer.”

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Please Join Me over the next couple hours TODAY

I will be guest moding #SciFiChat for David Rozansky (Flying Pen Press) at 12pm (MST) Our topic is “Artificial Intelligence” (Follow me @Edan_Book)

These are the questions I am planning to submit:

Q1: In your opinion is Google the largest form of artificial Intelligence?

Q2: Does an “intelligence explosion” or “superintelligence” mean good for our future or bad?

Q3: Did you see the Stanley Kubrick Film “A.I. Artificial Intelligence”? (2001)

Q4: Do you see the coming predicted technology singularity coming sooner or later than Kurzweil’s 2045? 

Q5: Have you ever spoken to a chatbot like “CleverBot” @cleverAI or Siri?

Q6: Will AI truly supersede human thought or remain a tool for augmenting human intelligence?
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"The Oil Badgers"

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If you would like to download the first draft of my short science fiction story please click the link for a .PDF.

It is a sort of a modern homage to Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. I am quite happy with the story line. But I need to get a way from it for awhile before I edit anymore.

Feedback, comments are invited?

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Hey look I forgot about being nominated as one of Idaho’s Top 50 authors last year.

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I guest blogged on Estevan Vega’s site (author of “Arson”http://goo.gl/AN00X) Are you looking for the future? Or has it already arrived? | HERE
Read through and share a comment, if you please

I guest blogged on Estevan Vega’s site (author of “Arson”http://goo.gl/AN00X) Are you looking for the future? Or has it already arrived? | HERE

Read through and share a comment, if you please

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"Edan" Chapters:

Part 1

  1. "The Island"
  2. "Kanye"
  3. "Target"
  4. "Thirteen"
  5. "The Street"
  6. "Pursuit"
  7. "Brothers"
  8. "Help"
  9. "Rekindle"
  10. "Heartache"
  11. "Betrayal"
  12. "The Godfreys"
  13. "Fired"
  14. "Flight"
  15. "Spiders"
  16. "Macarena"
  17. "Union"
  18. "Secrets"
  19. "Infiltrated"
  20. "Zeus Godfrey"
  21. "Reality"
  22. "Skytrain" 

    Part 2:
  23. Kan" | Audio
  24. "Naked"
  25. Hoadi
  26. "Captured"
  27. "Collateral Damages"
  28. "Seattle Commons"
  29. "Inway Services"
  30. "Rooshti"
  31. "Mr.Cuddlesworth"
  32. "Tubes" 
  33. Trouble Visits Edan
  34. "The Anelorian"
  35. "Earth Legs"
  36. "Boundaries"
  37. "Back to Hoadi"
  38. "Pandemic Bay Wearhouse"
  39. Blackhole
  40. "Call Me Dade"
  41. "Kill Patches"
  42. "Untubed"
  43. "Devil Is A Liar"
  44. "Larry Fong"
  45. "Manga 9F5"
  46. "Captives"
  47. "Tiny Things"

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