Explaining Edan’s Avatars

at first the idea of an avatar was popular as an online liaison, ambassador, or brand representative like C3PO. They had little value, and were a courtesy that offered some usefulness, but mostly comic relief. But when the personal avatar became a digital mirror of a person, everything changed. Your digital self could be a reliable source of productivity due to AI science. Some people (who could afford it) created teams, families, and even vast armies of themselves, with some amazing results and many social tragedies.

Many people traded in spouses for socializing with the “invisible buddies”. Because they were reflections of your digital profile doped with quantum artificial intelligence thye could be great tools for learning about yourself and destructive tools for the narcissist.

Much like the obsession with social media in the oughties, people were indulging themselves with social AI, and had not yet returned to sanity.

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JP is on Twitter @Embrocell

JP is on Twitter @Embrocell

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"Contingencies don’t discriminate, people do."

Tergan Stanfield - company liason (via terhautegroup)

Terhaute Group Multinational Security Company backstory from “Edan”

(via electro-clarifier)

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Hey look I forgot about being nominated as one of Idaho’s Top 50 authors last year.

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warrenellis: Easter Island (National Geographic)

warrenellis: Easter Island (National Geographic)

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Mini Spoon

Internet is captured by big $ spawning the Dystopian Era, when big gov & big corp, fully take power, pushing limited eating and capitalizing off replacing global tableware companies. Mini plates, mini cups, and mini food. Eating genmod meats, and limited mini veg. In gutless mini electric cars.

Populace lives in tiny apartments, while the rich live in surpluss economies, mansions, extra big plates and giant genmod food. Driving giant fuel cars.

The saving grace is open (but underground) education platforms allowing development of DIY home fusion for free energy, which toples power grid, and a confluence of DIY robotics, Urbanism, and even quantum mechanics.

"Mini spoon, live longer, eat less."


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I guest blogged on Estevan Vega’s site (author of “Arson”http://goo.gl/AN00X) Are you looking for the future? Or has it already arrived? | HERE
Read through and share a comment, if you please

I guest blogged on Estevan Vega’s site (author of “Arson”http://goo.gl/AN00X) Are you looking for the future? Or has it already arrived? | HERE

Read through and share a comment, if you please

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Abberations and glitch are common to our digital experience. There is almost an analog layer that manifests itself in the zeros and ones. Yet, we march on, convincing ourselves that computing is reliable, linear, predictable and without foibles. To be trusted with our finances, our homes, our children, and our very lives.

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"The Fears of a Drone" my reference list for story development

Rear attack from above
Inclimate weather
Autmatic shotguns
Poorly engineered hardware and parts
Plugins, OS, upgrades, trojans, fishing scams, MalewRe
Poorly written self repair routines

Care to share any more you can think of?

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